May 2016 calendar

Metablog – May 2016

(I just realised that I never published this after I finished writing it, so that’s why it’s quite late in the month!)

I was very happy to have found more time this past month to engage in creative activities, for my own enjoyment rather than as something contributing to one of my projects. I did a lot of this privately, without documenting it for either myself or to showcase on my social media accounts. It felt very strange to work on something without showing off the progress, or even the finished results but, at the same time, I felt more connected to what I was making, and the processes I was using to make it.

This made me think about our current relationship with creativity, and what feels like a cultural shift towards a ‘needs to be seen in order to be believed’ way of thinking. If you don’t document and publish the results of your creative endeavours, if you don’t manage to accumulate the comments, likes and shares that endorse and validate your creative practices, are you really practicing creativity? If you’re not putting your work out there to be judged against others’, if you’re not ‘competing’ for the most attention, does what you do count? I could go on for hours about that, so it’s perhaps best left for another time…

In other news, I managed to get my first post up on The Five to Nine. It’s a bit of a rambling exploration of what’s led me to start that particular project. It’s made me think, though, that perhaps that site may be the best place for these metablog posts, since they now speak about my creative activities in a more general sense. Then again, perhaps keeping them here is better for continuity (and because it means that there’ll be something posted regularly on this blog)… I don’t know. Anyway, I’m looking forward to working more on that project, but I must admit to not knowing where to take it from that first post – heh, perhaps that’s something to explore in itself.

My other personal creative projects… Well, they’re plodding on as per usual.

This coming month will be a busy one for my collaborative projects; the second Croshare event of the year will take place as part of the schedule of events for Antiuniversity Now, and the Portsmouth and Southsea Consortium will host a series of workshops for Etsy Craft Party. It means that I don’t anticipate having the time to dedicate myself to ‘my own’ creative activities as much as I’d now like to, but I like to think that I’ll somehow manage to make the time once the first few weeks of June have passed.

With that in mind, on with the month.